A Week In The Life

May 1, 2019

Well, I don't know how we got here, but it's almost a year into me having a full-time job, adulthood has greeted me with open arms and has yet to let go since. 

I've struggled a lot with finding time to enjoy dressing myself or planning outfits like I used to, I find myself coming home and having 20 minutes to make dinner and then waking up and have 15 minutes to get ready, a lot of which involve me frantically applying dry shampoo. These looks are now my go-to, a few staple pieces mixed and matched to somehow look like the same outfit for a week straight, I'm here for it. 

A few things I've learned to love: layering with dresses, sweatpants with dress tops, and my staple buttondown shirt, the effortless layering piece that screams "Thrifted?! Urban Outfitters?! Troye Sivan?!"

Last bundle of looks: Blazers, to give off that "I slept in, but am also ready to discuss this marketing plan," a chunky sweater for those days where it should be 90 degrees but it's 45, and finally, a graphic sweatshirt, for when it's Friday and everyone just understands. 

I hope something sparks some inspiration in you this week. 

Go to work. Go home. Make something that you've always wanted to. 

Oh, and call your mom. 

With love and tequila,

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