NYFW Recap

March 10, 2019

Just when you think you've gotten rid of us, P&L rises from the grave.

Hey world, welcome back to P&L, the fashion blog where Paige and I panic a lot about taking pictures and posting on-time and this is what you're left with, a NYFW recap a month late as a welcome back post. It's been too long. 

I've been really confused with my style lately. Some might call it an identity crisis, others may blame the need to pay for rent, I just call it a funk. I gave most of my clothes away this week. It might be because of the single day of nice weather sparking a full rage of spring cleaning in me, but I think it was just time to let go of a lot of items that weren't me anymore. 

As I still search for my new look and rebuild my closet piece by piece(it's going to take a while, a new rug is in my future), here's some inspiration of some badass women who have passed their fashion funk and are killing it. 

With love and tequila(and furry coats apparently),


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