Lost & Found

March 25, 2019

I lost something really important last weekend.

Like, *Really* important.

Like, I cried at 2 am and at 9 am and had anxiety for the next 5 days over it important. 

It was a scarf I carried around with me everywhere because it made me feel more connected to the people who wore it before me. On more than one occasion I thought about how I'd pass it on to the next generation someday. 

A stranger noticed my panic when I was looking for it Saturday night and helped me search without a second question. When we didn't have any luck, he said "Well, it has a new life now. Someone else will give it a new story." 

(then my next decision was to spend $30 on a giant pizza for me and some strangers to drown sorrows)

It's funny how we have such intense emotional connections with simple things. The scarf didn't necessarily have a story to it (that I know of), but rather it was important because I made it important. I made it stand for something in my life that wasn't otherwise physically tangible. 

I built the outfit pictured around a couple of other pieces that I love because of the story behind them. There's some new things, some found things and some absent things thrown into the mix.

I wish there was more of a point here to share with you, but I guess if there was one I suppose it would be that I'll be able to find a new way to honor what the scarf meant to me, and in the meantime, I'll hope whoever carries the scarf now finds a brand new story for it.

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