Benvenuti a Italia

January 20, 2016

Ciao bella!

I am officially settled in the most perfect little Italian city for my study abroad semester. 

Living abroad for an extend period of time has a lot of different challenges. Particularly, if you hoard clothes like myself, packing is a huge obstacle. Since almost every airline limits you to two suitcases, you need use most of that space for clothing. Therefore, there's very limited space left for decorations.

I live in a relatively large single room, so it needed some touches to make it feel more home-y. The only 'decor' I brought with me was a few 4x6 photo prints. I simply used some clothing I already had, books I brought in my carry on, and pretty accessories to brighten up my space. I also found a cool mossy branch to hang necklaces on and I used the mandarins I took from the cafeteria (lol) to add some color to my bookshelf.

I had to include a picture of the town too, just because it's too stinking pretty.

 Here's to the gelato, the scenery, and the pizza, 


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