Back to the Start

December 24, 2015


Paige and Lindsey has officially made it one year!
*Cue confetti and champagne*

Thank you for following our adventures. We're happy you're still here. 

This post is a little bittersweet for both of us. 

On one hand, we made it a year. We're stoked about it. When we started the website, Lindsey and I both looked at each other and agreed "We are actually going to stick with this, no quitting." To celebrate our one year anniversary, we went back to where we started, Ledges State Park, and Meredith Kestel got some awesome shots in once again. We love ya, Mer.

On the other hand, I, Paige, am studying abroad this spring semester. Therefore, P&L will be shot from Europe and the States every other week. Our plans for this summer are still undecided, so this could be the last post we do together until August. That's more on the bitter side of bittersweet. 

Regardless, we are just getting started. 

Cheers to whatever comes next!

- P&L

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