It's A Guy Thing

September 2, 2015

Some of us don't want to wear a dress everyday, that's normal.  
This weeks post is dedicated to people out there that rock the occasional baggy tee and boyfriend jean, minus the boyfriend.


I'll be honest and say upfront that boyfriend jeans really aren't the most flattering thing you can wear. The baggy, loose silhouette isn't feminine in the slightest (hence, boyfriend jeans).
HOWEVER. They are ridiculously comfortable and surprisingly airy for hot days.

Pair them with a more fitted, girly top. Its 100% absolutely ok to show a little more skin when you're wearing these; otherwise your look will easily be mistaken for a potato sack. If you must wear a
t-shirt, tie it in a knot around your waist so you don't get lost in a sea of loose-fitting fabric.

Go get yourself a pair.
& Stay Golden

The women's section of clothing stores scares me.
I don't know if it's because of my upbringing of two older brothers and skateboards, but I've realized that you can be a tomboy and still appreciate fashion.
If I could, I would wear a plain shirt and jean shorts everyday, which is pretty much what I'm wearing today, with the fun twist of a men's dress shirt.
I didn't try that hard to add feminine features to this look, hence the no makeup and bun, but if you're someone who wants to, it's SO easy to wear this and add a girly touch.

Have a marvelous week. 

Eat some pizza.

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