Home Sweet Home

September 16, 2015


My name's Lindsey.
Welcome to my crib.

I'm a broke college student and I'm almost out of my Ramen Noodle 24 pack, so most of my home decor ideas come out of creativity, or the side of the road.

This post is dedicated to making the most out of an extremely small space. 

-The tapestries are both old, but I tied them above my bed and added a string of lights to create an attempted fort.

-My clothing rack is mainly used so I have more closet space. Who am I kidding I never wear the nice clothes on the clothing rack. It just looks cool. Who wears a fedora to class.

-My letter wall is just a collection of letters people have written me, I thought it would be a nice way to keep them.

-My desk is short and mainly just used to hold my mini library, paint, camera gear, and unnecessary blow up Scream dolls.

Make your room something you feel happy and comfortable in. 

Happy Wednesday.

Go call your mom. 


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