Don't Sweat It

August 26, 2015

Ladies, this is a formal plea. 

Every time I overhear someone say "omg why do you look cute?!?!?!" A little piece of me dies from excessive eye twitching. Clothing is a representation of who you are as a person. Your appearance is always your first impression. There is zero shame in putting two minutes worth of extra thought into your wardrobe selection every morning. 

I totally understand the hurried and rushed lifestyle of a student. When you only have ten minutes to get ready for class because you hit snooze five times in a row,  throwing on a t-shirt and sweats is the easiest option.


It literally takes the exact same amount of time to put on a cute pair of joggers or wide leg pants. I'm not kidding. IT TAKES THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME. 

Next time you find yourself reaching for your sweatpants, stop and remember that comfort doesn't have to lack in style, pick up a comfy and effortless pair of pants that make you happy. 

Good luck with the start of classes.

Stay comfy.


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