Sunday Best

July 1, 2015

While I'm sure you all think that I lounge around in fancy dresses all day eating hors-d'oeuvres and sipping pinot noir, I'm here to tell you that is unfortunately not the case.

In all reality, I work for the university orientation program and wear the same pair of ill-fitting khakis and bright red polo everyday. I love my work; hate my uniform. Therefore, on weekends I take every opportunity possible to wear nicer clothes.

Here, I'm wearing a Cremieux dress, Adrienne Vittadini wedges, and a simple sunhat from target.         
I'm in love with the delicate girly pattern of this dress and those shoes are a life-saving staple in my closet. A nice white dress and wedges are a must for every collegiate woman. 

In Sunday Brunches and Pretty Dresses,


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