Stacking Up

February 11, 2015

Hello, world.
Today we wanted to share a few simple tips and ideas on layering jewelry. 
By mixing a few individual pieces, you can effortlessly create several new and interesting looks.


We both chose dainty, geometric necklaces to layer on top of each other. This look makes a statement, without being too overwhelming. 

 On L: Urban Outfitters
On P: plain, ol' Target


Whether you are stacking bold bracelets or keeping it relatively simple with a pretty ring, it's always a good idea to add a little extra sparkle to your arms. A basic rule of thumb is to limit bold pieces (like the silver cuff shown). Pair these pieces with more subtle ones so that your look won't become too overwhelming. 

  On L: 
ring- thrifted
On P:
cuff and bangles- recycled from my aunt's (fabulous) closet
Bracelet- Tivol

(Henna done by Indian Students Association at Iowa State University)

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