Ice Ice(land) Baby

January 17, 2017

Ohhh... Iceland.

Thinking back to September when I planned this trip with my friend Meri, I smile at how delightfully naïve we were. I approached Meri in class one day, a little stir crazy from being back in Ames, and simply said, "Let's go somewhere." She was immediately on board and we purchased flights to Iceland within the next few days simply because they were cheap.

Flash forward three months and we're both sick in bed with little money to our names, 4 hours of daylight, and really harsh weather conditions. There were a lot of obstacles that we didn't foresee. However, equally so, there were so many opportunities we never would have even dreamed of.

In our 12 day journey roadtripping around the entire island we: 

Saw the northern lights on New Year's Eve
Chased waterfalls
Fell 12 times hiking on ice trails
Drove through white outs 
Unknowingly bought $20 cocktails
Accidentally ate too many licorice-flavored things 
Explored abandoned ships 
Swam in natural hot springs
 Walked through lava fields
Ran across black sand beaches
Tasted (yes, tasted) glaciers
Slept in rooms full of strangers 
Ate one too many icelandic hot dogs
Saw reindeer as livestock animals (?)
Danced nights away
Made friends with people who are infinitely cooler than us.

It was certainly one for the books.

Now I'm going to go work my butt off to rebuild my life savings. 

(Probably just to spend it on another adventure if I'm being honest with myself)


Philly Feels

January 16, 2017

My heart has officially been stolen by Philadelphia. 

This past week has been full of delayed flights and getting lost in new cities, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'm posting some pictures from a couple of the days I spent there, the first few photos were taken at the Magic Gardens in Philly. I went there with a couple of people I met while hanging out at URBN headquarters! The gardens were a never-ending maze of art and inspiration.

The next two photos were taken right next to the Reading Terminal Market, which I adventured through with a newly made friend Maddie. 

Check out her blog at

The last photo was taken at the Chicago airport, where my adventures unfortunately came to an end. 

This trip has been life changing and I can't express how grateful I am for all of these adventures. 

Keep exploring. 


Barely Adulting

January 10, 2017

Welcome to my suitcase. 

As Paige returns from hiking glaciers and getting lost on random beaches in Iceland, I begin my journey to the one and only Philadelphia, and I'm sharing some of my favorite items that I've packed for the trip.

The classic army jacket with a twist. This is one of my favorite pieces to bring with when I travel because it's easy to layer and can make an outfit.

I picked up this pair of star studded jeans last week and haven't been able to stop wearing them since. They're the perfect item to dress up a graphic tee and sneakers. Another essential- this purse. With stars. No further explanation is needed.

Lindsey, what do you wear to the interview for your dream job? 
Good question. A sweater with alpacas on it. 

Lindsey, why did you pack three pairs of shoes for a three day trip?
Also a wonderful question.

Here's to adventures in new cities and overpacking!


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