Something Borrowed

April 18, 2017

This week is all about taking full advantage of our last few weeks of living together. 

We're going to miss the closet raids, the numerous failed attempts at finishing the BBG workout guide, the daily living room hangs, lying to each other about the cake we "resisted" at dinner, the weekend documentary watch parties and late night laughs. 

We both styled a piece we borrowed from the other's wardrobe and gave it a new twist. 

Lindsey is wearing Paige's thrifted denim skirt, Nike sneakers, a thrifted tee and Free People glasses. 
Paige is wearing Lindsey's Free People sweater with an Express skirt, Zara shoes, vintage jewelry and Promod glasses. 

Stay happy friends, it's almost summertime. 


Spring Layers

April 12, 2017

Spring has sprung!!!

or at least it did for a day. 

This week we're playing around with the idea of mixing casual tees with dresses, a trend all of the 90's lovers are dying for. Paige paired a dress from Asos with a white tee from Zara to give a more casual vibe to your classic formal dress. Lindsey paired a graphic tee from Brandy Melville along with a dress from Free People to make the typical sundress an everyday staple. 

Break out the florals. 

Pack your graphic tees. 

We're going back to the 90's.


Photos by Laura Badger (@laura_badger)

New York State of Mind

April 5, 2017

Hey! It's me! Lindsey! and I went to New York!

Besides being caught in a New York blizzard and getting locked out of an apartment at 2 am and being forced to buy 10 dollar organic strawberries from a convenient store, the east coast treated me well. Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive off of the east coast and dollar hot dogs, so spring break went very well. 

Enjoy this photo series of me and the wonderful @meredithkestel 


Spring Blues

March 8, 2017

Spring Blues, literally and metaphorically. 

Here in Iowa, when you're given a nice day, you know to not take it for granted. We've had a few warm days recently mixed into the days filled with spontaneous snow storms and hail the size of golf balls, so what does Lindsey do? She wears a sundress the first chance she gets. 

Someone needs to carve Lindsey + Free People into a tree somewhere. 

This dress is from the recent Free People spring collection, it makes my heart happy and is now my go-to 'run around in a field' dress. 

Stay warm. 

P & L

Kansas City

February 22, 2017

Kansas City, What a place. 

A couple weeks ago, P & L ventured out to escape the cold and explored Kansas City. 

This trip consisted of random fashion shows, surprise musical performances, Paige running into famous people at the bar, and Lindsey trying to find a way to pull off a fedora. 

Now that it's warming up, we're breaking out the dresses and we couldn't be more excited to style them. Lindsey paired a navy dress from Forever21 with a thrifted denim jacket, a Free People purse and earrings, and sunglasses from AE. Paige paired her H&M dress with a bag from a street vendor in Italy and some boots from Bata. 

Break out the dresses and go on an adventure. 


February Funk

February 5, 2017

The groundhog has spoken, and unfortunately we're not the biggest fans of the cold. 

For this week's blog post, we decided to get out of the cold and adventure in our town's botanical gardens. 

We paired the classic mom jeans with a belt and showed two different ways that you could style them, Paige paired her thrifted jeans and belt with a top from Urban Outfitters. Lindsey paired her Urban jeans and belt with a sweater from Free People. 

Keep warm! Here's to another 6 weeks of winter. 

P & L

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