Bundled Up

December 23, 2016


Temperatures are dropping, so it's about time to bundle up with cute outerwear and cozy mittens. 

We're currently last minute shopping and hope that you aren't experiencing the same consequences of holiday procrastination. It's not pretty.  

Regardless, after all the madness of prepping for the holidays, we're looking forward to an overload of holiday cookies, scented candles, and Netflix. Maybe we'll even crack open a book or two. 

Probably not that book part though. 

Whether you are planning to build a snowman or planning to escape to a beach, we wish you the happiest of holidays. 


Summer Show

December 15, 2016

The warm weather may be leaving, but the florals and overalls can stay. 

This week we're focusing on how to transition summer pieces into the colder seasons. 

Paige's outfit features overalls and how layering them with a turtleneck or sweater can make it a winter staple. She finished off the outfit with black suede over the knee boots. 

Lindsey's outfit features a floral maxi skirt that's paired with knee high socks and a sweater to give a warmer feel. 

Stay warm!

P & L

All Tied Up

December 5, 2016

Tie on a neck scarf and call it a day. 

This week we chose to conquer the classic neck scarf. This trend has made a huge comeback and is everywhere now, so we decided to put our own twist on it and style them within our personal looks. 

Paige chose to pair it with a grey wrap dress and a denim jacket to give a dressed up but casual feel to the trend. 

Lindsey showed how to pair the trend with a more dressed up and formal look to add a fun element of color. 

Keep exploring. 

P & L

Small Town USA

November 17, 2016

 Here's a couple outfits from two girls stuck in small town Iowa, enjoy.

Denim Dreams

November 2, 2016


Denim jackets are the most wonderful thing you could ever bring into your closet. 

I found this keeper at a thrift shop in Williamsburg and I think I've been sleeping in it. 

I told my mom I'd try to start wearing some of my dresses recently, so I'm sorry for the continued obsession with sneakers and men's clothing, I'm working on it. 

Wear what you want. 

Do what you want. 

Happy Wednesday. 

All Packed

October 26, 2016

This post has absolutely no meaning besides the fact that I forgot it was my week to post, so I'm bringing you along while I last-minute pack for break. 

I'm not going somewhere tropical or warm, there's probably going to be rain. 

So along with my umbrella, my key items are my good ol' leather jacket, some floral dresses so I don't look too badass, and my go-to sunglasses. 

Happy break. 

Go buy the cheapest flight out of your town and do something cool. 


Floral Frenzy

October 12, 2016


Did I scare you? Hopefully not. 

Because unnecessary hat season is now a thing. 

I enjoy hats. They're another lazy trick to make a flannel and a shirt look like an outfit. 
So go grab a hat, throw on some clothes, and go enjoy the great outdoors.
I'm also trying to wear lighter colors. 
Pray for me. 


Fiesta in Firenze

October 5, 2016

I officially do not want to admit how much shopping damage I have made since being in Italy.

My style is slowing transforming and becoming more and more European.. er, well actually it's probably just more strange. I legitimately purchased a beret last week. I couldn't tell you what was going through my head when I thought that would be a good decision.

Regardless, I still have found some pretty cool pieces to add to my wardrobe. My new favorite is my ~FiEsTa~ coat. I love the pattern and the colors and the weird shapes that look like a visually impaired infant tried to draw a frog. 

I found this coat in a little boutique in Florence and I've been living in it ever since. I paired it with a velvet baby-doll top with geometric cut-out details, black skinnies, and black ankle booties. 

Stay tuned because next time you hear from me I will be in Paris and either tragically or triumphantly attempting to make a beret socially acceptable.

Miss you kids.


Lazy Lounger

September 28, 2016

(Pictures: Megan Kilgore)

I'm lazy. 
There's really no other way to put it. 
I'd happily take 10 more minutes of sleep in the morning over looking slightly more put together. 
This blog is pretty much my lazy girl's guide to success. 

Here are the four essentials that pretty much every person who wants to have the 'sweatpants in disguise' vibe should own:

Boyfriend jeans. Become one with your boyfriend jeans. Chunky sweaters. Sleep in em. Wake up in em. Go to class in em. Chelsea boots. Because that shit goes with everything. Rings. Nothing screams 'I look put together' like someone who had the time to put on a ring. 

This advice has been brought to you today by me, Lindsey, expert on tricking people into thinking I have my life together. 

Go send your mom some flowers. 



Carnevale Capes

February 3, 2016

If you ever get the chance to visit Venice, go.

Don't ask any questions - just go. 

We made the trip this past weekend for carnevale which is essentially a huge city-wide celebration where everyone dresses up really extravagantly in masks and capes for the heck of it. It was a very good time. 

We had about 4 heart attacks trying to navigate the Italian train system, stayed in hotel that I'm pretty sure was once occupied by a flock of geese, and I returned with only 22 cents left in my wallet. Never-the-less, Venice is one of the top five most incredible places I've ever seen. I may or may not have cried a little. 

My poncho and wool hat worked perfectly for misty and foggy day. I stayed dry, warm, comfy, and happy all day. I would definitely advise you to buy both.  

After reading this, I hope that you will immediately walk directly to the study abroad office because I guarantee you will not regret it. Also maybe click on an ad or two because right now Lindsey and I can barely afford a popsicle from our advertising earnings. 

Have a Beautiful Wednesday.

Turtleneck Blues

January 27, 2016

(Turtleneck & Jeans- AE, Coat- Free People, Socks- Topshop, Converse)

Benvenuti a Ames. 

Just kidding. 

Paige is the only one living the real life Lizzie Mcguire movie in Italy right now. 

I found half of a Cosmic Brownie in my backpack today though, so who's the real winner.  

This blog post is about embracing turtlenecks and trippy socks this winter.
You should embrace turtlenecks and trippy socks this winter. 

Just do it. 
You'll be super cozy and feel really cool. 

The real point of this post is to address the fact that Jack's pizza's are currently on sale at Hyvee.

Screw your New Year's diet and stock up while you can. 

(Miss ya Paige)

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