Stripped Knits

November 18, 2015

It wouldn't be a normal Tuesday if we didn't try and break into a greenhouse, now would it. 

Paige is busy doing important stuff so now I get to write the description for this week's post, so there's about to be a few Kanye references and a lot of unimportant info on how we wear striped sweaters in the fall. 

We like to wear striped sweaters. 

Mainly just because they're cozy as heck but also because stripes are your friend, not your enemy. Neutral colored striped clothing items are the greatest thing ever to have in your closet. Both of these tops are from Urban Outfitters, but your options are endless. There's so many warm striped sweaters out there waiting for a home, go find one. 

"I still think I am the greatest." -Kanye West

Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye today. 

And call your mom. 

It's rainy and sad outside, you don't have an excuse. 

She knows you're watching Netflix.

Okay bye. 

-P and L (P probably doesn't want to take credit after reading this) 

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