October 28, 2015


First off, we want to apologize for being absent these past few weeks. We're sure you were all just dying without your weekly P+L content. The truth is that college is awesome, but classes and organizations and work sometimes get the best of you. That part of it kind of sucks. 


In the spirit of all things fall and halloween and such we carved pumpkins in flannels. 

Was this a cliché thing to do? Yes. 
Was it fun? yes.
Are we going to smash them next week just because we can? Absolutely. 

Have a blast Halloween-ing,


Sweater Weather

October 7, 2015

Hey world, it's fall time. 

This week we focused on a girl's best friend, booties. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a more dressed up look to any outfit. 

Our favorite way to style booties is a more casual look, which you can achieve by throwing on a pair of socks and calling it a day. Paige is showing a look with open-toe shoes and Lindsey's are closed, either way works, both ways are marvelous. We finished off our looks by wearing our favorite sweaters for the fall.

Have a great week,

Go do something fall-related. 

Don't wear heels.

Those are just lame and uncomfortable and people fall over a lot when they wear them. 

Join the boot club.

-P & L

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