July 29, 2015

First off, if anyone knows what to the call the silhouette and style of this dress, slide into my dm's or something because I honestly have zero idea. It is very similar to a shift dress because of the loose waistline, but the hemline is more unique.

Regardless, I'm obsessed. It has such a modern, sporty feel to it, and it's way different than anything I own.  Since the dress in itself is a statement, I wore minimal jewelry. I paired it with modern sandals for a bit of color and a Mini Crosby handbag for some added detail. Together, the three pieces make the perfect combination for dinner and a night out. 

Enjoy and relax these last few weeks of Summer, 



Dress - Banana Republic
Handbag- Rebecca Minkoff: Mini Crosby
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

Urban Explorer

July 22, 2015

Late July in the Midwest could easily be compared to living in a sauna.

 Except on bad days, that sauna is also a steam room and ten degrees warmer than it should be. 

It's hot.
It's muggy. 
It's not easy to dress for. 

While I usually love wearing layered looks, that's obviously not comfortable or realistic to do in the heat. Therefore, I try to add layers with more uncommon pieces. 

Here, I wore a backless dress with lace bralette. I spent all day wandering around Chicago and was super comfy all day (cue cheesy tourist bean picture). Not only are bralettes super comfortable and light, but they add a feminine touch to every outfit. It's a great way to add detail and layers to your look without actually having to pile on clothing. 

If you haven't already invested in one- go do it. ASAP. Trust me, it's so worth it. 

Thanks for Reading, 

- P

Patterned Texture

July 15, 2015

I'll be the first to admit that I've worn this outfit way too many times this season.

 I'm all for mixing things up and putting different pieces together, so excessive outfit repeating bothers me. However, this outfit is so versatile that it's hard not to repeat it.


I love this outfit for several reasons, one being you can wear it at anytime in the day and it's totally appropriate. From daytime errands to dinner to going out at night, this outfit is a go-to. The second aspect is the mixture of pattern and texture throughout the different pieces. The cardigan is a cotton blend with a crocheted pattern that creates the coolest texture. The shorts have a silky feel to them and I'm obsessed with the baroque-esq patterns. The combination of pattern and texture between the two pieces creates a really unique feel to the outfit as a whole. 


Of course you can't forget about my favorite handbag, which (sadly) is basically my other half. I love the style/size/color/everything about this bag. Grey is such a great color for summer handbags. I try to steer clear of black in the summer time. The majority of my summer clothes are lighter pastels, so black bags add a certain harshness to outfits that I'm not a huge fan of. A lighter shade of grey is my ideal because it matches just about every color palette. 


Handbag: Kate Spade
Tank: Forever XXI
Cardigan: Forever XXI
Necklace: Forever XX1
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: H&M

Mix N' Match

July 8, 2015

I think this is just an excuse for me to wear a flannel everyday. 

Regardless, I love the idea of mixing prints and I somehow accidentally do it quite often.

I try to make the prints be in the same color range, in these pictures, I just mixed subtle stripes with a darker flannel, but if you're adventurous, go all out.

Hope everyone's summer is going great.

Keep rocking the flannels.


Sunday Best

July 1, 2015

While I'm sure you all think that I lounge around in fancy dresses all day eating hors-d'oeuvres and sipping pinot noir, I'm here to tell you that is unfortunately not the case.

In all reality, I work for the university orientation program and wear the same pair of ill-fitting khakis and bright red polo everyday. I love my work; hate my uniform. Therefore, on weekends I take every opportunity possible to wear nicer clothes.

Here, I'm wearing a Cremieux dress, Adrienne Vittadini wedges, and a simple sunhat from target.         
I'm in love with the delicate girly pattern of this dress and those shoes are a life-saving staple in my closet. A nice white dress and wedges are a must for every collegiate woman. 

In Sunday Brunches and Pretty Dresses,


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