Frame It

June 24, 2015

If you give a mouse a cookie, it will want a glass of milk.
If you give Lindsey empty frames, she will spend the whole weekend trying to find a victorian picture of Kanye that's fitting. 

I can't stand boring walls. Spice up your life. Go to garage sales and buy as many frames as you can. Cover your wall with them. Put Kanye portraits in them. Do you.

My home decor obsession may be getting out of control. So if I regift one of these to you in the future, don't be surprised.  


No Place Like Home

June 17, 2015

Hello, all. 

I hope everyone is busy eating exotic fruit on a beach somewhere in the spirit of summertime. 

I am thoroughly enjoying the extent of my traveling summer, but it's true that there is no place like home. After spending a month constantly moving between a temporary dorm room and my friends'  couches, it's safe to say that I miss my own home.

My room has always been a work in progress. If you haven't figured it out yet, I get bored very easily. Therefore, my spaces are always ever-changing.

 Currently, the walls are robin's-egg blue and the furniture is all a part of the Hayworth collection at Pier 1 Imports. My decorating style is very much minimalist in nature. It's complete with a few of my favorite books, candles, pictures, and paintings. 

Welcome to my happy place. 

Beach Books

June 10, 2015

Picture this: you're sitting on the beach, the breeze is perfect, the sun is out, and after ten minutes of laying on your beach towel, you're bored. 

This is sadly what happens to me every time I try to be a beach bum. 

So here is the solution: READ SOMETHING

My recommendations: the Catcher in the Rye, Eat Pray Love, The Other Side of Paradise, your favorite fashion magazine (Revival Spring 2015)

Go grab a book and enjoy the beach!

(book ends - West Elm)


June 3, 2015

I love denim. I'm a big fan of throwing outfits together by mixing denim washes. It is 100% ok to wear denim on denim. I usually suggest mixing dark washes and light washes versus two similar washes. Pairing similar washes of denim will likely leave you with a look resembling Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. Nobody wants that.

 Jeans- H&M 
Jacket- My mom's closet circa 1995 (not kidding)
Shoes- Sam Edelman
Tank & Necklace- Forever 21

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