Dorm Life

February 25, 2015

 you can't live with them, you can't live without them. 

As the snow continues to reach new heights, we have decided to keep this post indoors and cozy.
Today, we're letting you into our dorm organization and decor world.

Lindsey's dorm ranges from furry pillows to terrarium gardens.

Paige's dorm is complete with the perfect pair of heels and go-to books bedside and ready to crack open. 

I hope this gives you some inspiration for making dorms more comfortable and customized.
Have a great week!

Poncho Pals

February 18, 2015

Hi Hey Hello.
As the weather hit an all time low this lovely Wednesday, Paige and I decided to bundle up and do a post on the one thing that's closest to wearing a blanket to class; ponchos.

We don't know what or who's to blame for this fashion trend becoming stylish again, but we're extremely warm and not complaining. (It's fun to twirl around in a poncho with fringe)

Ironically, both ponchos featured are from Nordstrom, one was just purchased in color and of course the other is black and grey. Free People is well known for high quality ponchos if you're feeling like investing in this trend.

Stay warm.


Stacking Up

February 11, 2015

Hello, world.
Today we wanted to share a few simple tips and ideas on layering jewelry. 
By mixing a few individual pieces, you can effortlessly create several new and interesting looks.


We both chose dainty, geometric necklaces to layer on top of each other. This look makes a statement, without being too overwhelming. 

 On L: Urban Outfitters
On P: plain, ol' Target


Whether you are stacking bold bracelets or keeping it relatively simple with a pretty ring, it's always a good idea to add a little extra sparkle to your arms. A basic rule of thumb is to limit bold pieces (like the silver cuff shown). Pair these pieces with more subtle ones so that your look won't become too overwhelming. 

  On L: 
ring- thrifted
On P:
cuff and bangles- recycled from my aunt's (fabulous) closet
Bracelet- Tivol

(Henna done by Indian Students Association at Iowa State University)

All Planned Out

February 4, 2015

Hello, world.
Today we're opening up our private planners and talking a bit about how we organize (sort of organize) our lives.


Hi hey hello, you've now seen a picture of my organizational habits, or lack of. 
To be honest, I don't usually keep track of my schedule in a planner, as you see, I use this space to write motivational phrases and doodle like a normal college student should.
In honor of me being a sucker for motivational quotes, here are a few that should make it in your planner.

"Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all."

"We must travel in the direction of our fear."


Welcome to my world of (in)sanity.

I think it’s safe to say that I have learned the hard way that you, in fact, cannot do everything. This semester I joined just about every club and accepted just about every leadership role in an over-zealous attempt to assemble an A+ résumé.

Simply stated, my schedule is way too crazy and the only thing holding me together is my trusty planner and my everything notebook.

So you’ve got:

~ (A.)THE ALMIGHTY PLANNER: I use it to keep track of dates and assignments, ya know, the usual. I color code based on whether an event is for my sorority, school, or my internship. A little extra organization never hurt anyone.
~ (B.) THE EVERYTHING NOTEBOOK: where I keep all of my random thoughts, ideas, lists, goals... you get it... everything. I never leave the house (well, in this case, dorm) without it.

All in all, planners are a good thing whether you’re using them for doodles and quotes or desperately trying contain your madness.


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