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December 24, 2015


Paige and Lindsey has officially made it one year!
*Cue confetti and champagne*

Thank you for following our adventures. We're happy you're still here. 

This post is a little bittersweet for both of us. 

On one hand, we made it a year. We're stoked about it. When we started the website, Lindsey and I both looked at each other and agreed "We are actually going to stick with this, no quitting." To celebrate our one year anniversary, we went back to where we started, Ledges State Park, and Meredith Kestel got some awesome shots in once again. We love ya, Mer.

On the other hand, I, Paige, am studying abroad this spring semester. Therefore, P&L will be shot from Europe and the States every other week. Our plans for this summer are still undecided, so this could be the last post we do together until August. That's more on the bitter side of bittersweet. 

Regardless, we are just getting started. 

Cheers to whatever comes next!

- P&L

Graphic T's

December 9, 2015

Hey, Friends. 

In the midst of dead week, we chose to keep it simple and throw on some graphic tees. The T-shirt is an American style staple and isn't going out anytime soon. They are easy to throw on, match about anything, and really speak to your personality and interest.

Lindsey wore a Led Zeppelin Tee with a flannel, utility jacket, joggers, and nike sneakers. 
Paige wore a Bunker Kansas City Tee, cardigan, joggers, and converse.

Hopefully these photos gave you a little bit of well-earned procrastination time, now go hit the books.

Best of luck with those finals. Peace be with you. 

- P&L

Lazy Laundry

December 2, 2015

What do they have in common, you ask?

The answer, dear friends, is nothing. They literally have nothing in common or associated besides the fact that P+L was derping around in them last night. 

 Lindsey wore a fuzzy navy jacket with a neat pocket detail, black skinnys, a white t, and boots. Perfect for your everyday stuff like going to class, running errands, half apps, etc. 

Paige wore the (*almost* but not yet overused) blanket scarf with a turtleneck, circle skirt, boots, and cozy socks for added detail and warmth. This outfit works for going out or holiday parties. You look good, you feel good, and you don't freeze your toes off. All good things. 

So thank you, Ames Laundromat for providing a somewhat sketchy yet perfect backdrop for our photos this week. The (presumably) homeless man in the corner was very hospitable.

- P+L

Stripped Knits

November 18, 2015

It wouldn't be a normal Tuesday if we didn't try and break into a greenhouse, now would it. 

Paige is busy doing important stuff so now I get to write the description for this week's post, so there's about to be a few Kanye references and a lot of unimportant info on how we wear striped sweaters in the fall. 

We like to wear striped sweaters. 

Mainly just because they're cozy as heck but also because stripes are your friend, not your enemy. Neutral colored striped clothing items are the greatest thing ever to have in your closet. Both of these tops are from Urban Outfitters, but your options are endless. There's so many warm striped sweaters out there waiting for a home, go find one. 

"I still think I am the greatest." -Kanye West

Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye today. 

And call your mom. 

It's rainy and sad outside, you don't have an excuse. 

She knows you're watching Netflix.

Okay bye. 

-P and L (P probably doesn't want to take credit after reading this) 


November 11, 2015

Remember last year when Pantone announced the 2015 color of the year? (probably not). The media freaked out (sadly, we did too), and the general publics were all wondering why they had to come up with a new name for burgundy. MARSALA.

We think marsala is a fall staple. It acts almost as a neutral color with the majority of fall shades.

Lindsey wore a peasant style top with an olive utility jacket, distressed denim and (...wait for it) converse.
Paige wore a knit top, a blanket scarf, wool hat, and leather booties.
(SIDE NOTE: go buy a blanket scarf as soon as you possibly can. They're ridiculously cozy and you can wear them as a scarf, shawl, or poncho.)

Go bundle up because it's getting cold out there!

Feel free to make our hotline bling if anyone's tryna go on a road trip somewhere warm.



October 28, 2015


First off, we want to apologize for being absent these past few weeks. We're sure you were all just dying without your weekly P+L content. The truth is that college is awesome, but classes and organizations and work sometimes get the best of you. That part of it kind of sucks. 


In the spirit of all things fall and halloween and such we carved pumpkins in flannels. 

Was this a cliché thing to do? Yes. 
Was it fun? yes.
Are we going to smash them next week just because we can? Absolutely. 

Have a blast Halloween-ing,


Sweater Weather

October 7, 2015

Hey world, it's fall time. 

This week we focused on a girl's best friend, booties. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a more dressed up look to any outfit. 

Our favorite way to style booties is a more casual look, which you can achieve by throwing on a pair of socks and calling it a day. Paige is showing a look with open-toe shoes and Lindsey's are closed, either way works, both ways are marvelous. We finished off our looks by wearing our favorite sweaters for the fall.

Have a great week,

Go do something fall-related. 

Don't wear heels.

Those are just lame and uncomfortable and people fall over a lot when they wear them. 

Join the boot club.

-P & L

Up in Smoke

September 23, 2015

I received a text message from Lindsey a couple of weeks ago that read:

 "I just bought 75 smoke bombs online. I need help." 


P+L can take advantage of Lindsey's tendency to buy unnecessary things!!

This week we experimented with smoke photography for the hell of it. We teamed with our dear friend Meredith Kestel (S/O Meri for the rad pics), lit some fireworks in the woods, and here's what we produced. We really wanted this post to be about the photography, so we kept our outfits simple with neutral monochromatic color schemes.

Thanks for giving us a glance, 

Go do something that makes ya happy.  

Home Sweet Home

September 16, 2015


My name's Lindsey.
Welcome to my crib.

I'm a broke college student and I'm almost out of my Ramen Noodle 24 pack, so most of my home decor ideas come out of creativity, or the side of the road.

This post is dedicated to making the most out of an extremely small space. 

-The tapestries are both old, but I tied them above my bed and added a string of lights to create an attempted fort.

-My clothing rack is mainly used so I have more closet space. Who am I kidding I never wear the nice clothes on the clothing rack. It just looks cool. Who wears a fedora to class.

-My letter wall is just a collection of letters people have written me, I thought it would be a nice way to keep them.

-My desk is short and mainly just used to hold my mini library, paint, camera gear, and unnecessary blow up Scream dolls.

Make your room something you feel happy and comfortable in. 

Happy Wednesday.

Go call your mom. 


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